22 五月 2024

📦 Meet David Raso , our forklift expert at Ecofrost! 📦

With 12 years of experience , David plays a crucial role in our supply chain and you are undoubtedly one of our pillars! 😊 Its precision and professionalism ensure smooth and secure internal logistics, thus helping to maintain our operational efficiency at the highest level. 🌟

A big thank you to David for his commitment and team spirit , which are essential to the success of our operations. 👏

Beautiful visualization to all of you. If you know someone around you who would also be interested in working as a forklift driver, like David, don't hesitate to apply by clicking here 👉 -production-cold-18

21 五月 2024

📢 Good news from Ecofrost! 📢

We are delighted to announce our participation in the next PLMA - Private Label Manufacturers Association event in Amsterdam. Join us to explore the possibilities for your current and future private label projects!

🗓️ Save the date : May 28 and 29, 2024

📍 Location : RAI PLMA, Amsterdam - Hall 5.R07

This is the perfect opportunity to connect and discuss how we can support your business needs. We look forward to meeting you there!

#BelgianFries #Amsterdam #Ecofrost #PLMA

20 五月 2024

🌱✨ Student job or internship: Join the Ecofrost adventure! ✨🌱

Are you a student and looking for job or internship opportunities? Ecofrost, producer of frozen potato products, opens its doors to you! We offer rewarding opportunities for student jobs , internships and work-study programs . 🌟

Come and see our website to apply: 👉

👀 Discover the daily lives of our young talents through our video and see how you can make a difference with us.🥔💚

A big thank you to Sullivan, Louis and Jeremy for their participation in our latest video! 🎥

#agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithpeople #familybusiness #studentjob

20 五月 2024

🌍 Ecofrost thinks green 🌍

For several years now, we have been sending our orders to England increasingly by container and not by truck 🚚.

Our collaboration with Flanders Road Services , a company that shares our ethical and ecological values, has taken on a new dimension. 🌿 Since February 2024, our partnership with this transport company from Zeebrugge, specializing in short sea connections to England and Ireland, has intensified. 🌊

We now supply five major customers in England via this route, marking significant progress in our Lean & Green initiative. 🍃

This type of transport helps to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, aligning our operations with our ecological ambitions. 🌍 This is great progress for our company and for the planet! 🎉

#agrifood #belgium #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithplanet

16 五月 2024

🌍✨ PLMA: Unmissable event! ✨🌍

We are delighted to announce that Ecofrost will be present at the PLMA show this May 28 and 29, 2024 in Amsterdam ! 🎉

🥔 But that's not all! You will also be able to find our fantastic partner for fresh and pasteurized fries, The Potato Chef . A perfect opportunity to discover our new products and communicate directly with us.

📅 Mark your calendars and join us for two days of innovations and enriching meetings. We look forward to seeing many of you and sharing together our passion for sustainable progress and quality products.

📍 Find us at the Ecofrost stand - Hall 5.R07 and The potato chef - Hall 5.V25 , we are waiting for you!

15 五月 2024

📦 Meet Alex Lecat , our talented packaging operator at Ecofrost! 📦

Alex has worked with us for 6 years and every day he brings his invaluable expertise to our packaging line. His commitment and professionalism help us ensure that all our products leave the factory in the best possible condition. 🌟

Thank you, Alex , for your rigor and team spirit which play a crucial role in the success of our operations. 👏

Want to join our dynamic and dedicated team? If you are interested in becoming a packaging operator like Alex, do not hesitate to apply by clicking here 👉 🚀

10 五月 2024

💙🤍❤️ Péronne, the work is progressing well! 💙🤍❤️

We are delighted to share with you some exclusive 📸 photos from the construction site of our Péronne factory 💙🤍❤️, so you can admire the progress made so far! 🏗️

As you can see, the work is progressing quickly ! 🚀

Stay tuned to our app 📱 so you don't miss any of the next steps!

#ecofrost #ecofrostfrance #agrifood #familybusiness

9 五月 2024

🌟✨ STUDENTS! Looking for a rewarding experience this summer? 🚀🏭

Join Ecofrost and immerse yourself in the real world of work in our factory active 24/7! This is the perfect opportunity to learn, work and earn money. 💼💵🚀

👉 Apply exclusively via our site so that we can process your CV:

Quickly! The seats are limited. 🏃‍♂️💨

Do you know someone who is looking? Let's spin. 😀😎

#StudentJob #SummerJob #Ecofrost

9 五月 2024

🎉 Little fried Parisian women from Ecofrost! 🎉

We are proud to announce a new production of Les Parisiennes, even tastier than before, a real delight. 😀

👀 Discover their journey in our latest video.

🤔 Want to taste? Contact us to discover these delights!

#Ecofrost #Parisiennes #Agrifood #Goodwithproduction #Productivity

6 五月 2024


Recently, two Clarks have stood out on the platform with their green wheels, symbols of a new generation of more sustainable models. 🌎♻

Reducing wear and tear by 20% , these new wheels embody our commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.☘

This supports our responsible management of resources and a reduction of our ecological footprint . 👌😄

Every movement of these carts on the quay demonstrates our desire to progress towards a more sustainable future.🏭♻

#agrifood #belgium #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithplanet

6 五月 2024

Available: Mozza Sticks! 🧀✨

Cheese fans , get ready! We are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of Mozza Sticks in our range. Here is a first glimpse of these delicious mozzarella sticks, coated in a crispy and golden breading. 🤩

2 五月 2024

🎈 A look back at the children’s visit to the Moulin de Bonsecours 🎈

Just a week ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming the children of Moulin de Bonsecours to our company. A big thank you to the Ladies Circle for their generous donation of €2000 which greatly contributed to the well-being of the children.🙌💖

Thanks to this donation, the Mill was able to enrich the children's daily lives with the arrival of animals and the installation of fun equipment such as a ping-pong table and a punching bag. A great initiative that makes their living environment even more joyful and stimulating !🏓🥊

The children not only enjoyed their visit but also plan to join our team as jobs in the future. What pride to see these young people interested in our work and considering contributing to our project!

Let's continue together to support great causes and make a difference . 💪💖

#CSR #Solidarity #Youth #Future

30 四月 2024

🌟 Let's celebrate Labor Day! 🌟

On this special day, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone who makes our company what it is today. A big thank you to our dedicated teams , who work with passion and commitment. Thank you to our collaborators and suppliers , who accompany us and support our vision. And of course, a special thank you to you, our dear customers , for your trust and loyalty.

Every day, your contribution is essential to our success. It is with immense gratitude that we celebrate this Labor Day together. Let’s continue to build, innovate and move forward together.

🌈 Happy Labor Day everyone! 🎉

#LaborDay #goodwithpeople #ecofrost

29 四月 2024

🌟 Discover the wonders of sweet potatoes ! 🍠

Rich in fiber , vitamins (especially A and C), and minerals , sweet potatoes are not only delicious, they are also a treasure trove of health benefits. 🛡️

Whether roasted , mashed or fried , sweet potatoes bring a touch of sweetness to your meals while helping you maintain a balanced diet. Did you know that sweet potatoes can also help regulate blood sugar levels thanks to their relatively low glycemic index ? 📉

Incorporate sweet potato into your meals to benefit from its many benefits while enjoying an exceptional and comforting taste. 🥄👩‍🍳

Doesn’t that make you want to buy our sweet potato products? 🛒

#SweetPotato #agrifood #productivity #goodwithproduction

29 四月 2024

Ecofrost is a heartfelt partner of great associations. ♥♥♥👨‍👩‍👧‍👧♥❤❤

This Sunday, April 28, 2024, despite the wind 🌪and the threatening sky 🌩🌦, the nearly 300 walkers 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️ present in Sirault had the chance to taste Ecofrost fries 🍟🍟🍟!

After the effort, comfort! 💪💪💪😊😇😊😋

All the volunteers of this wonderful association were delighted with this new support 👌👏👏.

Profits from the sale of fries will be used to organize activities for children and adolescents with disabilities throughout the year 🏫🌞🌈⛱!

Congratulations on this great initiative! 👌👏👏👏

26 四月 2024

🍟Here is Patrick in full swing as an operator on the fry line at Ecofrost. 🍟

Patrick, thank you for your valuable work and your exceptional collaboration. With 21 years of experience, not only are you the most experienced in production, but without a doubt one of our pillars! 😊

👍Your dedication and know-how were essential to the making of our film. Thanks again, Patrick . 🌟

Beautiful visualization to all of you. If you know someone around you who would also be interested in working as a production operator, like Patrick, do not hesitate to apply by clicking here 👉 vacancies/production-operator 🚀🌟

24 四月 2024

We had the joy of welcoming the little ones from Moulin de Bonsecours to Ecofrost to give them a generous check for €2,000 offered by @Ladies Circle Waregem . 🤩🥰

This money will enhance their daily lives:

  • a new fence installed
  • a covered space for a ping pong table, a punching bag, a small horizontal climbing wall, and storage for their bikes. 🌈🚴‍♂️

After this great action, we showed them our factory during a guided tour. 🚪✨

➡️The highlight of the day? This visit sowed dreams among them! 💡 They were so inspired that they are already planning to do their first student job at Ecofrost. 🙌🚀 A beautiful weaving of links for their future, all thanks to the Ladies Circle Waregem. 😉

#ladiescircle #helpingeach other #goodwithpeople

24 四月 2024

2nd day of Food Fair at Singapore! 🍟 Seeing so many of you and can't wait for more to join! See you soon! 😃🍴

📅 Date: 23th to april 26th, 2024

📍 Venue: FHA Food and Beverage Exhibition in Singapore - Flanders Investment and Trade stand, booth 5G1- 01

#BelgianFries 🍟 #Singapore 🌸 #Ecofrost 🌍#FHA

23 四月 2024

🚗💡 New opportunity at Ecofrost: Driving change towards sustainability! 💚

We're seeing a growing trend: many talented candidates are still saving for their driver's license, a necessary step to landing a job and vice versa. To break this vicious circle, we are proud to announce an innovative turning point via our application - an inclusive carpooling module! 📱🤝

It's not just a question of accessibility, it's also our commitment to the planet 🌍. It contributes significantly to reducing our carbon footprint.

🌟 Together, let's move towards a greener and more inclusive future. Take the challenge, be part of the solution!

#sustainability #innovation #carpooling #inclusion #goodwithplanet #agrifood #ecofrost

22 四月 2024

🌟 What an incredible day at the ZigZagHR ZoHRo Award competition! 🌟

This Friday, April 19, we had the honor of presenting our Ecofrost App project. 📱

Participating in this competition was an enriching and inspiring experience. 🚀

The theme was precisely on our Ecofrost application and how it works.

We would like to thank Christopher, Rudy and Jeremy for their essential contribution to our video.

Also a big thank you to everyone who organized and supported the event! Fingers crossed and hope to bring home the trophy! 🏆🤞

Stay tuned , we will keep you informed of the results on May 30! #ZigZagHR #Ecofrost #InnovationRH

22 四月 2024

Need fries? 🍟 Get ready for Singapore Food Fair with Sabine! 😄 Welcome all of you. Jump in and join the fun—excitement awaits at every turn!🎡🎠

📅 Date: 23th to april 26th, 2024

📍 Venue: FHA Food and Beverage Exhibition in Singapore - Flanders Investment and Trade stand, booth 5G1- 01

#BelgianFries 🍟 #Singapore 🌸 #Ecofrost 🌍#FHA

19 四月 2024

🌟 Kosher Certified Flakes - A Respected Tradition, Assured Quality!🌟

We wish a happy Passover to the entire Jewish community. Passover is one of the three most important holidays and it will take place this year from April 22 to April 30🎉🎊

During these festive days, anything made from the five main cereals is prohibited . No more bread, pizzas and other foods having them❌🍕

During Passover and in their daily lives, the consumption of so-called Kosher foods is strongly recommended for Jews. So, it is to meet this demand that we decided to have our flakes certified as Kosher 👌

We are confident that this new certification opens up new opportunities for us in the market, strengthening our position as a trusted supplier for a diverse range of food products 🙌

18 四月 2024

🍟🌟 Preparing for the new 2024 harvest 🌟🍟

Even though we have just started the second quarter of 2024, our thoughts are already turning to the next potato harvest 🥔

It is with enthusiasm that we share with you the preliminary details for this upcoming season:

  • Early potatoes: called early potatoes, are generally harvested from June/July . Planting then logically begins from March
  • Storage potatoes: are harvested from September and can be stored throughout the rest of the year. Traditionally, their planting starts in April 😎


As you know, this year brings its share of challenges . Excessive rain since last year has caused two major problems 💧:

  • some potatoes could not be harvested last year, which is currently mobilizing farmers to remove them from the fields. Obviously, these potatoes are no longer intended for human consumption 🚜
  • waterlogged soils have delayed the planting of potato plants for the 2024 harvest. However, we remain hopeful for milder weather conditions to make up for this delay 🌞

As Ecofrost is not infeasible , we would like to assure you that we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of weather conditions on our forecasts and the quality of our products 💪

Together, we are ready to face the challenges this season has in store for us and ensure a successful harvest for 2024 🙌

16 四月 2024

🎉 We are proud to announce that we have been selected to compete alongside four other companies to win the prestigious “ ZoHRO Award ”, which recognizes innovations in human resources. 🚀

So, this Friday, April 19 , we will be present in Ghent to present our internal communication application, the Ecofrost App ! 📱

We look forward to showing our audience how the Ecofrost App is revolutionizing the way we communicate within our business. 🌟

Here is Sébastien who started training as a packaging operator in factory A today. Good luck to him. 😀

#ecofrost #agrifood #familybusiness #goodwithpeople #goodwithtechnology

16 四月 2024

🌟 Join our team as a Project Engineer and boost our French fries production lines in Belgium and France.

🚀 Bring your expertise and shape the future of our family business!

Want to know more, apply here 👉

#agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithpeople

#family business

11 四月 2024

🎓 JOBday HELHa 💼

This Friday, April 5, Louis and Lenny were in Mons for the JOBday organized by the Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut ( HELHa ), the opportunity to meet the professionals of tomorrow !

🚀 This JOBday was prolific since it allowed us to meet around twenty students , looking for an internship or a future job: accountants, industrial engineers in (bio)chemistry , mechanical engineers, industrial electromechanical engineers, computer programmers, management assistants,...

🤗 Thank you to HELHa for their welcome and thank you to the students for this day full of stimulating exchanges!

#ecofrost #familybusiness #sustainabledevelopment #goodwithpotatoes #goodwithpeople

9 四月 2024

🍠🍟 Sabine tested for you: sweet potato fries 🍟🍠

You have surely had the pleasure of meeting Sabine during commercial events , but did you know that she also excels in production ? 💪

With a supporting photo, our sales manager demonstrates his expertise in evaluating the quality of our raw materials and the final product 🔎

She thus confirmed:

  • The irresistible and unique taste of coated sweet potato fries 🍽
  • The impressive lengths of sweet potato fries thanks to raw materials of exceptional quality 📏
  • A melting internal texture that will delight your taste buds 😋
  • The versatility of these accompaniments . These fries go wonderfully with hamburgers, fish or even vegetarian dishes 🍟

So, trust Sabine and contact our sales department now to place an order and enjoy these wonders. 🌟

9 四月 2024

🌟 We are recruiting! 🛠️ Join our dynamic team as a warehouse worker at Ecofrost and be part of our expansion! If you are passionate about maintenance and operations management, we have the perfect position for you. 🏭

👀 Want to work in a stimulating environment where every day is an opportunity to progress? 🌱 Come manage our workshop, participate in storage, organize machine parts, and more! 📅 We operate 24/7 to ensure everything runs smoothly, and you can be right in the middle of the action!

👉 Find out more and apply here:

💼 Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career in a growing company. We look forward to your application!

#Maintenance #ecofrost #employment #agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #goodwithpeople #familybusiness

9 四月 2024

🌟20 YEARS OF PATRICK, CLAUDE AND PIERRE 🌟Full photos 📷 of the amazing team!

🎉👷‍♂️ Thank you so much to our wonderful collaborators Claude, Pierre and Patrick for their 20 years of exceptional service! 👏

Your dedication and hard work have been the 💗 lifeblood of our team, bringing your expertise and passion to work every day 👌🌟

To mark this incredible milestone, we wanted to show our appreciation by offering you a personalized statue, a symbol of our deep gratitude for everything you have accomplished. 🏆🎁

Thank you for these 20 memorable years , and may this statue always remind you how much you are appreciated and respected within our team. 🙏💼

9 四月 2024

🌿 Exciting partnership in sight at Ecofrost! 🌿

It is with great pleasure that we recently welcomed Stéphane Verscheure, representative of ABCAL - Belgian Association of Purchasing and Logistics Professionals. His presentation on the initiatives and opportunities offered by ABCAL appealed to our entire team.

🤝 This interview marks the start of a promising collaboration with schools in the region specializing in the logistics field. We will offer students a complete tour of our company with an emphasis on our supply chain. We look forward to showing future industry professionals how Ecofrost integrates its sustainable and innovative practices into its daily operations.

🏆 In addition, ABCAL invited Ecofrost to participate in the prestigious “Supply Chain Award” which represents a chance to highlight our supply chain innovations and strengthen our professional network.

🔗 Stay tuned to follow our journey in this competition 😀



8 四月 2024

👷🏻‍♂️ Visit to the site C construction site: a unifying moment! 🏗️

Thank you to those who responded to the invitation to visit the construction site of our new site under construction! It was an opportunity to share a privileged and unifying little informal moment together. 😄

Thank you for your active participation, your curiosity and your sincere interest in the explanations of Maxime from AConstruct, our guide! 🦺

And for those who couldn't be there, don't panic, other visits will be organized later so you can see the progress of the work. 🧱

We hope to see many of you there! 😄

#familybusiness #agrifood #productivity #sustainabledevelopment #goodwithproduction #goodwithpeople

8 四月 2024

🔗📦 Transform your theory into practice with our Supply Chain internship at Ecofrost! 🎓Join us to optimize our logistics processes and contribute to the expansion of our site.

A unique chance to apply your knowledge to real-world challenges and chart your path to a permanent position.

Excellent performance? Career opportunities guaranteed! 🌟

Details here 👉 👉🚀🌟

6 四月 2024

🐔 Distribution of chocolate Easter chickens 🍫

📷 Today we wanted to share with you some photos of some happy owners and their new feathered friend. 🤭😄

🐇🌷 We hope that you had a great Easter day, that you were able to celebrate this holiday surrounded by your loved ones and above all, that you did not overindulge in chocolate (even if it is difficult to resist Ecocoa chocolate ) ! 🍫🤪

#ecofrost #familybusiness #agrifood #goodwithpeople

5 四月 2024

🧀 Distribution of Le Duc mozzarella sticks 😋

📷 A little look back in pictures on the distribution of delicious mozzarella sticks from the Dutch company specializing in the manufacture of onion rings 🧅 and cheese-based aperitif products 🧀: Le Duc Fine Food BV

A big thank you to them! 🤗

And seeing the smiles of our employees, this beautiful gift made them very happy! 😄

#ecofrost #agrifood #familybusiness #goodwithpeople

2 四月 2024

Ecofrost spring-summer 2024 fashion show 🤭

🦺👖 Ecofrost is proud to present its new line of work clothing , embodied by its exceptional models: Rudy, Terry and Michaël! 😎

Congratulations to them for playing the game because it was not an easy exercise! 👏🏻

We are lucky to have workers who follow us in all our ideas! 🤗

26 三月 2024

🎉 Hip hip hip, hurray! 🎉

Congratulations to Michaël for the defense and success of his end-of-year work which today allows him to proudly announce that he is a level 2 prevention advisor . 🏆🥇

The training allowed him, among other things, to deepen his knowledge of health and safety legislation as well as the legal framework in order to assist all Ecofrost staff. 📚✅

Michaël is an essential element of Ecofrost's security policy, his success is the success of all of us! 😉 Congratulations again to him for his efforts!

#agrifood #sustainabledevelopment #ecofrost #goodwithpeople #familybusiness #training

19 三月 2024

🚧 Laying the first stone Ecofrost Belgium Side C : The adventure begins! 🚧

Today marks a key moment in the history of our factory. 😊 We are super excited to share with you the launch of work on our long-awaited extension! 🎉

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome the first deliveries to the site, marking the start of this new adventure. 🚚 To share this moment with us, here are some photos of the arrival of these essential materials. 📸

11 三月 2024

Here we are at the show in Athens Greece with our agent in Greece Arghyriou ! 🍟🍟👌🇬🇷

We had the opportunity to meet many of our current clients and potential new ones. Here is Mr. Vikré, the gentleman between Mr. George and myself in the photo. He has a large factory in Athens with Kebab meat and will include our fries in his sales assortment. 👏

The stand was very well prepared by our Greek team, all about the theme of fries and the Belgian flag. Even the flowers on the tables had the Belgian tricolor. 🌹 A little nod to balloons for our 20th birthday. 💖✔

Here are the photos of the stand and a short video to get to know our agent in Greece. Yes, as a first, a photo (the 5th) with the Belgian ambassador to Greece. 😎 If you want to follow this dynamic team on LinkedIn in, here they are 👉👉

And yes, here we go.... 🇬🇷 😉🍟

PS: Our agent gives us Ecofrost candies which we will distribute as soon as they arrive here. 💖💖

8 三月 2024

The women of Ecofrost were spoiled on this day which celebrates Women's Day 😃❤

On this occasion, Ecofrost wanted to honor each of the extraordinary women who are part of its big family and who contribute every day, and not just today, to its proper functioning 💪 Power Women 💪

A superb candle bearing the image of our zodiac sign symbolizes the passionate flame in each of us 🔥❤🔥

#ecofrostwomen #girlpower #womansday #friesandcandle #togetherwestandstrong

19 二月 2024

And here we go for a week at Gulf Food Dubai! ✈ 🍟

This Food Fair is a great opportunity to maintain good relationships with our existing customers, but also to meet new prospects for our commercial expansion 🏭 and there are many of them 🤗!

We wish great success to our sales team, Claire, Sabine, Kim and Wouter, who represent Ecofrost with great charm and enthusiasm 😊 💪

#ecofrostfries #belgium #gulffooddubai

14 二月 2024


We have the great pleasure of announcing our collective success in BRC (Grade A+) / IFS certification .

Each member of this team contributed with remarkable commitment, demonstrating our collective strength and our ability to achieve great things together .

We are convinced that we are capable of maintaining this positive dynamic and maintaining this level of requirements . 🥇

Thank you again to our dear colleagues for your commitment and your valuable contribution . 🌟🌟

13 二月 2024

🎉 Ecofrost Belgium 🇧🇪 - Côté C 🎉

📣 Maximum excitement on the horizon! We are super excited to share with you our ambitious investment plans in Belgium, especially in Peruwelz! 🌟

Get ready, a special reveal awaits your curious eyes! 🎬✨

Our expansion project is designed to increase our production capacities and enrich our product range 📈, all while meeting growing demand without compromising our superior quality standards. 🌱

At the heart of our ambitions, the deployment of new production lines in Peruwelz 🏭 will allow us to expand our range of products, thus guaranteeing an adequate and innovative response to the evolving expectations of our customers. 🔄🆕

👉 Work plans:

  • Start of work at the end of February 2024 🏗
  • Operational at the end of October 2024, with the finalization of L6 which will run in parallel with L4 🎉

To your fries 🍟, the countdown is on! Join us in this thrilling adventure and stay tuned for more updates.

#EcofrostExpansion 🚀 #BrilliantFuture 💫 #GourmetInnovation 🍽

12 二月 2024

This is Pauline , from the PURCHASING department, at Ecofrost for 15 years!

Pauline will be your preferred contact if you have the following needs:

✅development of packaging and creation of new items

✅trace a product

✅purchase ingredients and packaging for production

In partnership with Clothilde, Pauline ensures that the fries are properly packaged 🍟!

Her personal message to your colleagues and customers: "Nothing is impossible, one word, one gesture, Pauline does the rest!! "

1 二月 2024

🎉 Dear colleagues and loyal customers 🎉

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Facebook page! 🎶😎🍟

This page reflects our commitment to quality and innovation, and allows us to share with you behind the scenes of our daily work. We invite you to “like” our page to stay informed of our latest news and updates. But above all, if you like what we do, don't hesitate to share our page with your friends and your network! Your support is essential to help us share our passion and know-how.👍

Like our page:

Share our world: A simple sharing can make all the difference! 🌍

Together, let’s promote our brand and our values. Thank you for being part of our beautiful adventure 🍟🚀

!#ShareThePassion #OurFacebookPage #JoinUs

22 十二月 2023

Meet Antonio , one of our production operators within our company.

Antonio has a real passion for the field and production , and the volume of work does not scare him, on the contrary, it is his daily challenge! For Antonio, each interruption must be minimized, supported by impeccable qualitative rigor!

Antonio has climbed the ranks since the beginnings of Ecofrost, accumulating 16 years of experience. He started as a potato receiving cleaner, became a production operator helper, and eventually rose to the position of production operator. And that's not all, did you know that he aspires to become a leader in production? We all wish him that this great challenge becomes a reality, and we encourage him every day in this approach.

Want to get to know each other better? Discover the film which presents his profile. 😊

Do not hesitate to share vacant positions with us: 😉

#Food #Profile #EcofrostOneFamily

15 十二月 2023

Discover Samuel, a true logistics expert.

Through his hands, numerous pallets of fries pass through every day, carefully orchestrated by himself and his colleagues. With 15 years of experience, Samuel has seen the rapid evolution of his field, and to this day, he continues to love seeing the constant, vibrant flow of logistics activity that excites him so much.

Do you want to share a day of work with him? Prepare comfortably, but be quick, because in logistics everything runs smoothly and quickly. 😊

#Food #Profile #EcofrostOneFamily

8 十二月 2023

Meet Eric , the team leader coordinator within our company. Eric loves the field and is a versatile person who excels on several levels:

1. On the technical side, Eric has climbed the ranks since the beginnings of Ecofrost, which gives him in-depth knowledge of each position with honor, the person capable of helping with any problems in the field.

2. In terms of organization , he knows how to readjust teams to ensure perfect coordination.

3. Having undergone training as a trustworthy person , Eric is there to help everyone on a personal level with all the necessary discretion.

Want to get to know each other better? Here is the film of his profile. 😊

Also, don’t hesitate to share the vacancies open with us. 😉

#Food #Profile #EcofrostOneFamily

1 十二月 2023

We are delighted to present to you the final version of our film , produced in collaboration with Alimento. It is with immense joy that we share this achievement with you. Prepare for a delicious moment, sit back comfortably with your popcorn and let yourself be carried away by this unique experience. 🍟😊

#Food #companyfilm #EcofrostOneFamily