All our products can be packed in our ECOFROST label, but can also be packed under private label! We offer a choice of pack sizes from 1 kg, 2 kg to 2.5 kg.


During packaging, in order to achieve a good quality, all the parameters are monitored closely:

Metal check

The packed goods are checked against foreign material. The correct working of these metal detectors are being checked every hour.

Leak Detection

Here, the bags pass through a detector where open seals are noticed and automatically removed from the chain.

Weight control of the entire box

After the automatic filling - where the bags are being put in the boxes, the weight of the box is being checked. If the weight is not within the allowed limits, the box will be removed from the chain and a responsible will be informed.

Flap Detection

After filling the box, they are automatically closed. If it'd appear that they were not properly closed, they would also be automatically removed from the system.